verslag 2015


This year we had our respective ministries in Netherlands, Indonesia, Russia and Ukraine. We had planned for missions to India and Africa but due to lack of funds

we had postponed to latter dates next year 2016.


Indonesia :

Headed by Rev. Crispus K. Ratnam and Inna Crispus

Assisted by Pdt Ebenezer Iskandar

We had preaching of the gospel , teaching in seminars, providing prayer counselling for many in both west Java and east Java and  missions to Manado.

Russia and Ukraine

Headed by Rev. Victor Barkov and Lena Barkov

Assisted by Ps.Volodja and Mareena  Chervoningko

Had social, prayer counselling and regular food distributions to the poor both in crimea region and outskirts in moscow region

Regular street evangelisms and praying for needy people.

Training and bible studies for believers both in Sevastopal – Ukraine and

Outskirts region of moscow – Russia

Carried out regular sunday worship services in both regions.



Supporting churches and other ministries like Lighthouse Kingdom Ministries in Capelle aan de IJssel, Foundation De Hoop in Dordrecht, Foundation Bonfire in Dordrecht, Foundation Naar House and other churches with  prayers, musical worship, preachings and teachings to encourage and built up the saints.

Evangelisation trip to Lloret de Mar in Spain organized by during 1-8 August 2015.

Supporting Prison evangelisation and Arabic women ministry from a local church.

We manage to have different local  churches/ ministries  to coörperate together by giving their financial support and members to join for a collective outreach.

Overall our ministry activities were limited this year due to lack of funds.

Therefore we carried out ministries withing our capacity in our respective




We will continue our preaching and teaching for churches in Indonesia.

Minister in various churches on sundays and special evangelistic meetings

We have plans to conduct a leadership seminar in March.

We will also continue our helps in the social mission works distributing food

for the poor and homeless.


Other countries


Plan to have regional conference with pastors in the North celebes and Papua


Plan Missions to Africa Uganda and Kenya when funds come in.

India have many requests but we wait for funds before we schedule the dates.

The Netherlands

Continue the coörporation with several ministries, both national and international.

We stay to be the chairman and foundationkeepers on paper.

We give account for the Dutch bankaccount of the foundation Worldwide Victories Ministries as official registered.

Evangelisation and discipelship in every occasion as the Lord lead us in to minister to people by His unconditional love according to His plan for mankind.

Social activities for the benefit of the community and support of social and spiritually developpement of people we meet and built relationship with.


Brief report made by Rev. Crispus K. Ratnam


Financial report :

Specific accountancy for bankaccount NL51ABNA 0593690761 will soon (November / December 2016) follow as our new staff member will display the accountancy on the site.


Globally for now can be said is that besides of some gifts for the trip to Lloret de Mar in Spain, from about 150 to 200 , we had to cover bankadministration uncost with our own private money and even had debts made because of that our car broke during the trip to Lloret de Mar.