We are glad to report we in the Netherlands  had different kind of supports in ministries.

This summer of 2016 we as a family travelled along  a few ministries and churches we related to in Estonia.

Here in Holland we had some conferences  in May with pr. Crispus in few churches in Den Haag and mainly Capelle aan de IJssel.

We as  a family (Elwuar) supported some other more churches by joining a worship team and preachers during services where we ministered together.

We connected as a family (Elwuar) to a local church on behalf of  the kids having their own services and to build our network to have reach-outs in regular places out of the church buildings. For example the Open Gospel Podium we had 2 times in a regular local Talent Stage of a music school in a event facility of our hometown Dordrecht.

On this very moment we do have a kind of Alphacourse for young believers for the due of 7 Wednesdays weekly with some people who attend the Saturdayservice and the ministry of food supply in Capelle aan de IJssel.

Many more events and outreaches are to come and we will be giving a report of it.


Chaplains conference at Kaunas in Lithuania

while visiting prisoners in Vilnius we had joined a chaplains conference in Kaunas. Good News Prison Ministry Lithuania organized this 16th conference for chaplains. Joined by chaplains from Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Belorussia and Ukraine. Visiting 3 jails and two churches was extraordinary as Prison Mission Ministry is done by the churches. Like pastor Boris was already 28 years involved with the local Prison Ministry and has a group of man who gave their lives  to the Lord Jesus.

Host of the trip was chaplain Gintaras Vebras from Biblijos Kelias Church in Vilnius. Sleeping in their church for five days made it easier to minister different jails and another church in Vilnius and the conference in Kaunas.


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